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Have you read the giant SuitSupply thread? Wealth of information there. I'm 5'11'' ~155 lbs, judging by your picture I think we have similar builds. Just finished tailoring up a 36r Sienna from SuitSupply, and the fit sounds like what you are looking for. The Sienna isn't as slim fitting as some of their other cuts like the Washington, but is still slim without being constrictive. I paid about $100 bucks to get it tailored, pants hemmed, waist taken in, sleeves lengthened...
Have a monthly saving goal of saving 65%, and usually exceed it. Am just a year out of school so living drastically below my means doesn't impact my quality of life. I figure savings will decline a fair amount in a couple years when I have established myself a little more.
When I was in school we made fun of the international business students because their field of study gave them no real discernible skills. Take finance or accounting, you'll actually learn something useful.
Nice, where to kop?
Check out Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA). Tyler the Creator is one of the dude that makes up the group.
I've watched a few documentaries on Stonehenge with fancy academics proposing all sorts of intricate theories on how Stonehenge was created. They have no clue how it was done, and a retired construction worker figures it out in his backyard. Go figure.
Great thread. Kind of off topic, but didn't want to start a new thread for this. Anyone have experience in strategic/business development? Specifically, I have an opportunity to move into strategic development as an analyst at an oil and gas company and was wondering if anyone here has any experience in this domain they can share?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington Frankly though, very few (if any) people successfully make the move from retail banking to investment banking. But IB is so far out of the OP's possibilities right not that it's a moot point anyways. He should be looking at doing the retail to back office/ops switch if he's really dead set on banking. There is no way in hell he goes directly from retail to IB, but if he works his ass off, gets level...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saturdays So what sort of jobs do I look for? Honestly, I have no clue how being a teller can ever get me into a F500 firm as a consultant or analyst. Working sales will only lead me to be a sales manager and then a district manager of sales etc.. I'm not keen on working somewhere where I could have worked there after graduating highschool. This is your problem right here. Your mentality sucks and probably has...
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg I am hearing the story second hand, but the wife of a friend's brother just recently had a baby, and they put their dog up in a boarding facility during the birth. When he went to pick up the dog, she was bleeding from one eye and had blood coming from her nose and mouth. Facility claimed not to know anything. He took the dog to a vet, who said she had signs of severe strangulation, internal bleeding, and was missing...
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