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GM generally does really well in China. “GM technology makes it very reliable,” Han 32 Who ever thought they would hear that again.
First client I ever had. Gaylord P. Funk
Does anyone know of good soft shell fishmongers or restaurants in the southbay Palo Alto area?
Since CP seems to be taking some flack in this thread. I have bought from CP before and he is an excellent seller. I bought two borrelli shirts and they were both quality items in the condition and measure he described.
The only time this bothers me is when the server does not ask or bring the change at all. I've been to a few resurants where the bill was around $15 and I gave $20. The server never asked about change and never brought any. She just took the $20 and kept the $5. I would likely have given a tip around that amount but the fact that the sever simply took it and didn't even ask about change bothered me. Of course, I asked for it and did not leave a tip.
Last I saw, Costco had Oban whiskey for a great price.
Re: the turbo question. I have a turbo VW. What everyone said so far with reliability is generally correct. The technology is mature and the engines are relatively well designed. Its not a deal breaker at all. They are great cars. However, in my experience the car has to be well maintained for it to be problem free. If not, the problems can be catastrophic. When I bough the car used (extremely cheap) the prior owner did not maintain it well and after about a year...
I agree. Maggianos is suitable for a nice away from home dinner. I might pick one of these up. Cheers.
Tax, commercial i.e. UCC, Wills - Trusts - Estates, some small business startups. So far pretty pleased.
[quote=jimmyct;2699402]can anyone identify these for me? I believe these are the Oliver Peoples Riley frames. Take a look in their classic section.
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