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This is going to be interesting.
You can have a tailor recut them. If they are nice or expensive pants, it could be worth it.
Staking claim to public property is ludicrous. The parking spot is yours to use while you are parked there. Holding your spot with a chair is assinine.
[quote=pscolari;4077264]) there is an open invitation to get: keyed, tires slashed, or the best I have heard is they just cover your car with snow.[/QUOTE] ...and those things are an invitation to get shot.
I dipped for about 15 years until I saw a guy that had lost the lower half of his face from cancer. He dipped and chewed tobaco for many years until his little encounter with cancer. It really hit home with me because my dentist had told me a few weeks prior that I had precancerous lesions in my mouth. Thats been about 20 years ago and I still pray that my youthful indiscretions and stupidity don't come back to haunt me. Why start something that is so dangerous?
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack i actually use america crew too. Me too.
With the latest update to the software, I am real happy with my Droid X.
This is the only place that I've seen such negativity towards Def Tech speakers. I went with them and absolutely love them. I too have a large cavernous room such as yours and the sound is very good. Once I get some accoustical panels up, it will sound super.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It's a great thread ... Immaturity must be banned on MC ... Then there would be no Styleforum.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmbp just looked up the battery thing.. found this Yeah, I'm getting this. But what's this mifi thing you mentioned? You can use it for a mobile hotspot for up to 5 devices.
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