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Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I would guess outsole is 10 1/2" with 3 7/8" across. I wish they were size 7 and black. Greartest double-monk ever. That's too small, damn it. Quote: Originally Posted by pledge I'm sorry, but I do not have measurements right now. I can, however, give some pretty good sizing advice. Have you worn JL's before? No, I have no experience with dress shoes. I'll be waiting for the...
Measurements please
5ft7 120lbs empty stomach with a boxer on. Food, I need.
I wear these: Armani GA 467 I'd be getting some Oliver Peoples in the near future, should check out their Boxley eyeglasses.
Finally I've saved up enough for a TaT suit Jason, I'm in need of a suit for my upcoming interviews. Some questions for you: I'm 5ft7 and 128lbs, do you think 3 button works better on me or 2? Is the harris tweed slightly less formal but warmer than the grey flannel? I think wearing heavier looking cloth would give my look a little more structure and weight correct? Is it possible for me to send you my custom made shirt and pants so you could get me a more...
Oh crap wrong section, mods could you please move this to Body Consciousness. Thanks.
I'm in need some good skin brightening solution for men. any recommendations? I'm asian with a warm skin tone (yellow-based), I'd like it to be paler so I could wear darker frames. Thanks.
I'd be interested in these shirts provided they don't cost an arm and a leg. Have you thought of outsourcing your operation to a low price source (not low quality though)? If you can outsource to a decent shirtmaker in a third-world country like Vietnam you'd save a lot of money. A side question, does anyone have info about taxes on imported clothes?
Thanks, I did use a pop filter, apparently it's not enough, I'll probably EQ the bass out of those Ps and Bs. Woah, the tone's Santana indeed! I like it man. Vocal might be a bit soft compared to the rest of the instruments, though, but it might be my crappy speakers.
I see nothing wrong with this look. Ok maybe the purse might be too much for some but overall the proportion's well balanced. I personally like jackets that are short enough so that they don't make your body longer than your legs.
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