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The question is are they gonna stock the Edgware or am I gonna have to order them from France
Fucking beautiful boots, and screw my small feet
I prefer flat front since I'm like a walking stick. I think pleats adds vertical lines to your body thus creates a slimming effect.
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeF I picked the garments up tonight and had my wife ship them home. I can't say I'm thrilled. With respect to the overcoat, the fabric and fit turned out better than I expected. However, he screwed up in two significant respects. First, at least the lapels, and possibly the whole coat, are fused, despite my having given him instructions in Vietnamese to produce a canvassed garment. Second, the lapels are...
Quote: Originally Posted by GodErnst I'm a relative newb to Men's clothing, but I've been lurking for awhile and paid a visit to Duc Nhuan on 37 Hang Dau last month - so I thought I'd provide an update - at least as far as cost is concerned. I went with several co-workers in early October.. mens' shirts were US$25/each, slacks were US$50/each and my co-worker got a blazer made for US$150. We were all very satisfied with the fitting/cut - but the...
These look so nice but unfortunately the chest and shoulder are too small for me. Good luck with your sale!
Usually a Gin Tonic, sometimes Cosmo. I don't get why the classic Martini is so popular. 4 part Gin and 1 part Dry Vermouth right? That's like drinking straight Gin for me, can you even taste the vermouth?
Yeah, a code would be very nice. PM please?
Sorry for the error, was thinking in cm.
Ok after looking at countless of threads on C&J sizing I still have no clue what size to order. The model I'm interested in is Hallam Beechnut, my US size is around 7.5/8D (Ralph Lauren). I'm looking for a size that corresponds to a length of 11 to 11.25 inch and a width around 4inch. Anything longer than 11.25 makes my feet look clownish. Does the inner width of the shoes have to be at least the size of my feet's width (4 inch)? Or is it ok for it to be a little...
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