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Things worth paying extra for: Haircut Suits Shirts Shoes Things not worth worth selling my kidneys for: Accessories Although when I'm rich I don't think I'm gonna care that much anymore. $750 cufflinks, sure, why not? If it looks good to me and I can afford it without burning a hole in my pocket, I'll buy it.
Anyone has experience with the RL Castlewood Boots? How's the sizing? I'm a 6 - 6.5E UK (C&J), not sure if 7D US is the way to go for these boots. Help greatly appreciated.
After I put in my measurements on Paper Cloth website, it gives me a lot of errors, like 5.5inch chest wtf
Do you mind posting chest measurements for the 14.5? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa I also recommend either of the following.... +1
Pure sex !!! Wish I could find a knock off of that
Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo hmm, I just checked out pediwear and the weymouts are listed at 370GBP. I noticed that, but here's what they said when I emailed them Quote: Thank you for your e-mail. We will always honour our price pledge. The PLAL price for the Weymouth is £280.91, in total. We would be pleased to offer the Weymouth at £266.86, representing a 5% discount on the PLAL price. Should you wish...
Currently at 1.47 now, goddamn I felt ripped off having bought my CJ Westbourne from Robert Old at 1.60 +___+ Oh well, time for pediwear I guess, they still honor price matching, CJ Weymouth is now about 392USD shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh "Neutral" cream can leave a hideous looking build-up over time. Dark oak calf while certainly beautiful is gonna be a PIA to care for. For that very reason I passed up a pair of Bontonis with tank-like construction and sick asking price. Because how the hell was I going to maintain a skin dyed to imitate autumn leaf ? I didn't know. Now I have to buy new polish again What do you suggest for CJ...
The same thing happens to my CJ Westbourne, I was using Kiwi neutral, didn't help at all.
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