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Hi all, I'm a 20 year old international college student currently majoring in Business Admin. I've given serious thoughts to opening a clothing store since my grandfather's a tailor and my family was in the fabric business for a long time. As of now I'm still pretty clueless about my plan, however. My hometown is Hanoi, Vietnam. The bespoke tradition began to deteriorate ever since I dont know but I went to several stores and they seem to be ignorant of my needs, I...
I have a 35" chest and 30" waist, most of my bespoke shirts are very slim fit. There's only 1 inch allowance for both my chest and waist, again, I'm only 5ft7 so I cant wear anything less slim.
Ok I know not everyone here has shirts that fit like a glove around their waists. My question is how do you minimize the extra fabric that bunches up when you tuck in your shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Don't bid on it, I think it's fake. just kidding... sort of. Actually that is a real shirt, I asked the seller for a close up pic of the collar band and here it is:
Hello, I've had trouble finding slim fit suits that fit my skeleton-like body. Ok I'm 5 ft 7, 34 chest, 29 waist and I need a suit that does justice. Most of the suits I tried have chest size as small as 36 inch and I dont like that, I want a suit with chest size a little bit bigger than 34 inch, and the waist no more than 31 inch. Also I need extremely high armholes, too. Are these sizes available off the shell or m2m only? Thanks a lot guys!
Tailored polos with custom embroidery = godlike
That post on eBay is excellent! I just checked a RL polo i bought for 24.99 on eBay and found out it was fake. Sad but at least now I know what to look for.
Hi everyone, I need a list of eBay sellers that sell real RL polos on eBay, sellers who have custom fit polos are preferable. Thanks a lot!
I've been looking for some slim fit chinos but haven't found anything that's slim enough for me. Do you guys know any brands that make very slim fit chinos?
and these Vietnamese men, too
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