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Thick as Thieves > Topman + Zara + HM TaT suits are canvassed, can be cut very slim, and Jason's a great guy to work with.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 I think this may be another reason I find this look pathetic.. Its like pre-packaged rebellion, complete with a handbook to walk the wearer through how to look individualistic and unique.. As I said, I get more visual appeal by looking at the 17 year old punk who made his coat with scraps and studs.. I like the TB look, doesn't look pathetic at all. Although I'd wear some sick looking calf length socks...
I tried really hard to fix things by myself first, then have somebody fix them if I fail. This one time I threw a party and someone spilled a glass of Long Island Iced Tea on my laptop, after some weird noises it went dead. Had to open up the thing and clean every circuit on which the liquid was spilled on, also the keyboard was so sticky, had to dissemble it completely for rinsing. 7 hours later laptop's up and running again.
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree here is my fit pic for my black label suit. i'm a bit on the short side (5'7") so the jacket (36) fits a bit longer on me than i like, as well as the sleeves. i'm going to the tailor in a few hours to have him shorten the jacket hem by 1" and the sleeves by 0.5" as you can see there is a lot of padding in the shoulders, adding to my already slightly square shoulders. i was also thinking maybe i could have my...
BR male models always look like these nerdy douchebag guys desperately trying to look cool, I think it's the goddamn ugly beard.
No, cooking and dining in are ok but dining out alone makes me feel extremely lonely.
Do you guys actually like the taste of straight alcohol? Everytime I try to taste it it makes me wanna puke, regardless of how good the alcohol is. I like the idea of having a flask though, very classy.
From the photos, the Sanders look the most elegant and certainly goes with jeans as well as dress pants, I'd go for those.
Quote: Originally Posted by chuckseabreeze I'm confused. As opposed to a thin grey blazer? In the OP's case, wearing lightweight trousers will throw off the balance; the look will be top heavy.
You can go for the same or slightly less weighty materials, like twill and cord pants. Colors can be almost anything different from the color of the jacket.
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