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Could you please provide measurements for the RLBL shirt? (Shoulder, Chest, Waist) Thanks!
In my experience, typical cotton cloth's too rough and no matter how many layers of polish I apply to the shoes, the shine will still be dull. I suggest you try one of those cloth that comes with eyeglasses, you know, the shiny silky type. That and a little bit of water does wonder.
I'm looking for a slim fit 3/4 length coat in preferably wool (or wool blend). High armholes, chest measuring around 37 to 38 inches, shoulder 17 to 17.5 inches. New or used. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks!
My hips and waist are too small compared to chest. Body's also not wide enough, overall I look like a fucking stick.
I'll take 3, 8, 25 and 30. Please check your PM
Must. Resist. Bag. Too. Nice.
Rugby cords are great, I have the same pair in 28 waist and it fits me perfectly even when my legs are kinda chickenish.
You guys are either very complicated about cooking or I just don't like to cook. I can't afford to follow all these recipes. I spend about $120/month for food so I guess I can share my recipe (or diet) Here it goes: 1st week: Rice (steamed), chicken breasts with seasoned salt, fried. Ramen as snacks. 2nd week: Thin spaghetti, ground beef and tomato sauce. Ramen as snacks. Alternate between these 2 diets. Saves me serious time and money for more important things.
I've never had a hangover from drinking red wine since I don't like it. However, the other day I had 2 bottles of chardonnay, plus a few martinis that absolutely fucked me up. I was drunk off my ass and having a hangover at the same time. The headache was so unbearable that I finally took some painkillers to be able to sleep.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Really? You think the criticism of Thom Browne comes from people who secretly like it? People hate it because he did something extreme, extremes are not classics, anything non-classics are shit on SF.
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