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Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Um, you guys realize you're responding to a thread that is more than 2 years old, don't you? NTTAWWT +1 I'm no longer in need of emotional consulting.
Man that's some wicked shoe trees, never seen something so sick~!!!!!
It's France
Thanks! I'm gonna update the instruction now.
Link to Excel file posted, everyone please share your measurements
Great to hear! I will be adding some measurements on a 16L Polo Regent and some Black Label
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 the season or year purchased could be helpful too. these change over time too Form updated again, thanks! Who will be the first submitter?
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor missing info. model name. different models within the same company have different proportions. Added, thank you sir!
You're right, that's why I put the comment section there so people could provide other information. While a database like this has limitations, I think measurements are more helpful than something very subjective like "Black Label is pretty slim".
SF, I've set up a form so that everyone here can put in measurements of their dress shirts. I will export these measurements daily to an Excel file and put it up here. This will hopefully benefit people who are trying to find the best fitting shirts. If you guys think more measurements should be added or you have any suggestions please reply to this thread. Please follow this link for the form, thanks all! UPDATE: Download database in Excel here UPDATE: Link to...
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