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Great to hear that most people in the US don't have to pay duty. Can anyone tell me how fast Pediwear's shipping is? I ordered 2 pairs the other day and was wondering if they will arrive by Friday next week.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cedarville Store Cedarville Store has some exciting coupon code offers for Style Forum members! styleforum - will take 10% off total order cvsclub55 - will take $5.00 off Epic Cedar Shoe Trees (only $19.99/pr) cvsclub44 - will take $4.00 off Washburn Cedar Shoe trees ($27.99/pr) cvsclub22 - will take $2.00 off Classic Cedar Suit Hanger freeship - Free Shipping on orders over $75.00 Cedarville Store sells only first...
Price lowered.
I have a Nikon 85mm f1.8D for sale. The condition's excellent, there're several small dust inside the lens (this is perfectly normal and shouldn't affect image quality at all). The glass is clean, no cracks, no scratches. Pouch, hood, and 2 caps included. Anyway, pics coming tomorrow, my price is [b]275 -> 265 -> 255 -> 240 USD shipped. This is much lower than average eBay price. I will accept Google Checkout only. Thanks for looking! Pics here
Woah, didn't know their stuff's much slimmer these days! Fck why am I so broke
I could never drink 4:1. Usually I go for Bombay and NP 3:2. A martini made with a drop of vermouth is not really a martini IMO, it's very douchy thing to do.
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Cordoroy trousers from Rugby are ridiculously tapered. +1 They're quite slim fitting and tapered, even for someone who weighs 120lbs like me.
I think this notion of SF-branded ultimate knowledge is ridiculous. Calling a person an idiot because he pays $9k for a RLPL suit is like me labeling you guys complete retards because you pay more than $15 for a custom made shirt.
I guess I'm only one thankful for this economic downturn, one more reason for me to go back to my home country
37 shirt chest is really small for your actual chest, it'll be hard to breathe and move around. Add at least 2.5 inches to your measurements for a slim fit shirt.
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