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Quote: Originally Posted by umadcuzimstylinonu Looking expensive seriously isn't my intention. I'm really sorry that I came across that way. I'm not that pretentious of a person, really. I'm guessing that a lot of this is coming from the fact that I mentioned how I wanted the thing to be branded slightly. My only intention for this is so that people (especially females) will actually realize that I spent a bit more money on my clothes. There's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sander Damn, now I have a hard time deciding between these two... which size are they? UK 6E
Quote: Originally Posted by adagio Metkirk, excellent shots of those C&Js. What is your photography secret? I can't get my images to look anything like those. Can I ask why there is such a long wait for those Cottesmores? Are they a special order or something? I don't know why there's a long wait time but was told by Pediwear and Robert Old that CJ doesn't have any in stock, only available for pre order I think. For the photos, as long...
These just arrived !!! CJ Edgware CJ Monkton And a pic of my well worn Westbourne CJ Cottesmores are coming in 2 months, god I can't wait
Last price drop, $240 shipped !!!
Measurements on the wingtips please
Thanks guys, I will call Chase to notify them of these charges
I'm so frustrated, does anyone have this problem? I have been trying to order from Pediwear using my Chase Freedom and the card was declined several times. Chase told me my account's clear of holds and I also ordered from Robert Old UK without a problem. Any ideas?
Down to $255 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard They're not fast, and your shoes most likely will not arrive by next Friday. At least in my experience, that is. And I've ordered probably five or six pairs of shoes through Pediwear. They're great at pretty much everything they do, and I love them for it, but fast shippers they are not. Also, you have to keep in mind that shipments from the UK to the US are usually held up a bit in customs and sorting. That...
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