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Fishball, unfortunately the contact number is ripped out
Contact found. Thanks all for viewing.
OP, the link you posted I believe is from Kim Son Handicraft company in Saigon, Vietnam. I know the owner personally and he's a major exporter of all things MOP. Son's a great guy who's very passionate about his craft, you should definitely give him a try
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerstyLe i did study the material and do have a budget. i will not be doing anything on my own except making the design and picking out the material. everything else i would like a professional to do. if i go to a seamstress, will they have all the fabric and i get to choose from what they have, or do i bring in my own stuff? i was just thinking if i had a swatch book i can start choosing all the materials i want to...
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Will you disclose any more details? Or time has not yet come to reveal your goods? I can tell you that our shirts feature a lot of handwork. It's on the yoke's front and back seams, inside collar band, front placket (French front) and armhole seams. All button holes and gussets are hand sewn. The hem's hand-rolled. Hand sewn bar tack on sleeve placket too. Sleeve setting's pitched forward like that of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel No, I think Metkirk does a MTM/Custom shirt business. Looks good. Yep, I do RTW also. That is one of the RTW ones. @banis: I'm hoping a lot more people will like it, considering the price's like... 1/3rd of Anna Matuozzo's bespoke.
Folded up handmade porn, one of our soon to be available handmade shirts, fabric's Thomas Mason 120's
Not shirt and a shameless plug for my upcoming handmade line...
Hello fellow SFers, I'm looking for some contacts in the shoemaking industry who could manufacture a line for me. If anyone could hook me up I'd greatly appreciate it. We're interested in classic, elegant designs and only Goodyear-welted construction. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T I'm in Hanoi. It is hot as hell here. Well into the 90s, and this polluted dirty heat. Yuck. Welcome to Hanoi, again. I got back 2 weeks ago
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