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Clarks Desert Trek US 10 (Left) - Gently Used Asking $30 CONUS Banana Republic Sahara/Desert Boot US 9.5 (Right) - Gently Used Asking $25 CONUS If interested please send a private message. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Dunno, but affiliate Epaulet carries them. They also sell Thorogood's for $60 more than retail...
Quote: Originally Posted by dustindeed i picked up a pair of the red zone wingtips in the hopes of turning them something closer to cordovan and a couple of coats of shoe cream did the trick. topped off with a coat of cordo wax, they look like completely different shoes. Pics?
Be kind. I didn't know any better!
I didn't really throw them out. I'll give them to someone in need.
Threw them in the dumpster.
I got a pair of the wingtips and I must say, I was disappointed. The fit was off compared to my 1460s and the tongue was like a razor blade cutting into my ankle with each step. I'm returning them and I think I'll grab another pair of boots instead. Any thoughts on the "For Life" collection?
I'd still love to see some actual closeup, wear pics of those Doc Longwings.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete NON-EG, but related TRICKER'S for Nepenthes (They have got to start getting some of this stateside). BTW, the bottom two pairs come like that, mismatched. I like how these are chunky. Anyone know other brands that have shoes of this style and where to pick them up?
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