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Has anyone picked up the Thorogood for Epaulet Horsehide No. 685 Boot? I'm curious to see some fit pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheese1 does anyone have a picture of the oakwoods and grey suedes with raw denim? I want to know how they'll look, I'm definitely buying one or the other... I posted my Oakwoods with raw denim a few pages back...
Oakwood Suede
price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Sweet! Thanks for posting that mate. How old are they? They are about six months old.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb No one here has oakwood? That is surprising considering they seem to kind of be the main color of DB. I just want to see how they would look like beat up. I've only worn mine a few times so far. Here are my Oakwoods - excuse the crappy iPhone photo.
FS: Duluth Contractor's Oxford - Made by Thorogood Size 9D (fits like a 9.5D) $40 Shipped CONUS Polo Ralph Lauren Elias Sun-Washed Denim Sneaker Size 9.5D $40 shipped CONUS
I bought mine from Epaulet - great service and really fast shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert So why'd you pick them up if you were unimpressed? Because the color online was totally different than the actual color, guy. They look nothing like this:
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