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I'm a big sports fan and I've loved jerseys since I was a little kid playing little league and youth hockey. I like to buy jerseys but, I usually only wear them to games though. I got a Jackie Robinson mitchell and ness this winter, I might wear that on Jackie Robinson day even if I don't go to a game that day.
I wouldn't wear them, but sometimes when I'm walking outside in the cold and I see people with them on I think about how my feet are cold and theirs are probably all warm and comfortable.
sorry if this was already posted, I tried finding it but, I may have missed it, but does anyone know if there are any US stockists for the natural (off white?) work shirt? Thanks
My cousin does construction and I've helped out few times when I was in high school and went back to Japan during the summer break, while I agree that the pants and tabi are both comfortable and good for their intended use. I don't think I would wear it on normal days.
I just made my first purchase from him this morning, was very nice and professional, great guy. Looking forward on receiving my order and ordering more from him in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Chambray workshirt for $70 on, Thanks for the heads up. I just placed an order. I hope I was quick enough.
I agree with the jcrew recommendation. I got some shirts last week at the J Crew outlet for 10 bucks each. They had 50% off of clearance stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Is going through Rakuten worth the trouble for PBJs, or is it best to just get it from a US retailer? If BiG or Atsui has what you want in stock I'd get it from them. Those are the only 2 US stores that I know that stocks them.
thanks for the list of the stockist for the field parka Timpoblete.
although I agree with what breakfasteastre said about the functionality of the field parka in chambray. I'm really liking how it looks, is anyone in the US going to be stocking the item?
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