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in all seriousness, I agree with what sjnv said. You should probably read through the thread and descriptions on store websites and make your own decision on what your own favorite/best cut is. What fits one person perfectly doesn't mean it would fit another person well. Same for the denim, one person might prefer the zero denim another might prefer the jin or texas cotton.
I like suede, I think the only suede things I own are shoes I think, well maybe a hat or two made of suede. For the shoes I'm not really the type to keep them clean, I kind of like them some what "beat" and have a worn in look, so I usually don't mind if it starts raining when I have my suede shoes on.
Thanks Kiya, I'll be looking forward to them.
Kiya, when do you think the new stuff, the Buzz Rickson Peacoat, Sugar Cane Flannel and others will be up on the website? Or if they aren't on going to be on the website can I call/email to place an order? Thanks.
I've seen the duffle coats in the Burberry outlet stores in few different occasions, but I don't go there too often or have too much knowledge about Burberry's lines, so I can't really comment on if they were past season stuff or an outlet line sorry.
I prefer doing my own first soak/wash, so I would go with raw.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya We're getting about 20 of them, which we think is a decent supply. Just keep an eye on our website's blog and these forums for updates. Subscribe to our newsletter on our front page too: http://www.selfedge.com Sounds good Kiya thanks, I'll keep an eye for them. I've been subscribing to your newsletter for a while now as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya We will be stocking them, they only produced 150 of them... I'm guessing retail will be around $600... thanks for the quick reply Kiya, I'm very interested in purchasing one. Do you think it would be possible to preorder one once you get the final retail price and a preview pic? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Wait till you guys see the new Buzz Rickson wool peacoat that's being released in October.. Are you going to be stocking them? Do you know how much they will be?
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete If you're looking for the Upland Jacket in the Red/Black color, I know that MAC in San Francisco had it. Here's their info: http://www.yelp.com/biz/m-a-c-modern...ing%20clothing Thanks!
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