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They have a sale going on now, there is a separate thread for this year's summer sale. You'll find the inventory in there as well.
If anyone is still looking for the Type III, its back on Filson's site, but they are all backordered till 9/21/10.
I really like those olive jeans. I'm trying to cut back on purchases but, I may have to pick those up.
I really like the shawl collar jacket in brown cable knit. Hopefully someone in the US will carry it.
Someone may have already mentioned this already, but odin has their 2nd delivery up. They have the Highland jacket in chambray.
Does anyone know of all the fabrics the field parka comes in for SS10?
that red down parka looks awesome. I spent too much money during the holidays, I wish I could get it.
The reason that I, personally like to purchase denim in a raw state is because I enjoy giving it its first soak/wash and then wearing them and watch them evolve and get beat up through my daily wear.
I've been wearing my pea coat for about a week now and I really like it. I like the fit and I actually like the handwarmers where they are they are pretty comfortable there. It's pretty darn warm, we had cold weather last week (for Seattle) and I wore a thermal under it and it was doing a good job keeping me warm. I really love the lining. Mine is navy so it has the red striped lining and I love it. Good job Mauro!
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho Yeah, he introduced himself and gave me his card and we spoke for a bit. He's a really awesome guy and actually grew up in Springfield, VA (which is about 10-15 minutes from where I live). I also got my pic taken for Men's Non-No magazine which is some Japanese fashion mag. If anyone is in Japan and sees me in it, pick that shit up and send it to me! I'm not in Japan, but I'm Japanese and stop by the...
New Posts  All Forums: