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I have the same field parka as timpoblete and I really like the fabric on it and like his mine has held up very well. I don't wear it as often as I used to but I still wear it few times a year. has their Engineered Garments stock on sale. Looks like up to 50% off.
Forward by Elyse Walker put most of their EG stock on sale.
I got a card in the mail about a week or two ago saying they are doing a sale starting 26th. I'm pretty sure it's seasonal items only, I don't think I have the card anymore, but I don't remember it listing specific designers/brands.
I got a tracking number for my order from the warehouse sale couple of hours ago. So it looks like they are processing orders pretty quickly.
I don't think I saw the brown one there so I can't verify the price, sorry. I was kind of set on the Harris tweed one because it looks like the back of the brown one is green. There was a little confusion about the pricing on the hunting jackets though. The lady helping me out showed me the lookbook and we both saw that the hunting jackets are listed at $690 in the book. But, when we looked at the tags on the coat it said $645. It also rang up as $645 at the register,...
I see what you mean, I think its the contrast with the pants that he's wearing. I didn't have my tan Filson field bag with me, so I'm just going by memory, but I think the color of the jacket was close to that.
When I saw the coat it looked more like the beige tan that Scott Stevens mentioned above. The wool on the collar and the inner lining is moss green type color. The coat itself is heavy and the fabric was stiff. It looks like it will look even better once its worn in, but since I have a job where I sit at a desk most of the time it would probably take me forever for it to wear in.
I have a size 54 cameraman and I went with XL in the hunting jacket. I tried on the L and it was a little tight. There is a little extra flap with round metal vents under the armpit so I'm not 100% sure how to measure pit to pit. But, if I measure below that its 24in across.I didn't try on the clip coat or the adjustable hunting coat. I liked the clip coat, but it was a bit more than I wanted to spend right now so I decided not to even try it on.
I stopped by Filson Seattle store today to return my cape jacket (the cheaper one). I liked the cape jacket but, I returned it because I had other jackets that had a similar look. They had a coat that isn't online in store and I liked that one so I ended up exchanging for it. It's called soft hunting jacket and its made of Harris tweed, its not very heavy and less warm than the cape jacket and also won't repel water. The color on the tag says Army and I think its the...
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