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Can you please let me know which store you tried them on at? Thanks
sorry if this is a repost, but it looks like Odin has their new EG up. They have the windbreaker in red.
I've never purchased any Cabourn at full price either. I can't afford it at full price even if I really loved the item.
The black one is $550 on Barneys. Not sure who carries the navy/white one though.
darn, I've been thinking of ordering a belt from you. I'll probably order it sometime soon though.
I should do this, but I know I can't.
I'm not sure if you are still looking for this, but it American Rag has it on their online store. I've never ordered from them so I'm not sure if they have real time inventory for their online store though.http://www.amrag.com/shopping/engineered-garments/item10145989.aspx
I wish I saw the code earlier. I really wanted that pea coat.
The field parka (an older version, I think it was the FW08 one) is what got me hooked on EG as well. I went from there and started getting more and more into EG. I still wear my first field parka, it's held up great.
Thanks for the heads up RKD, I had no idea UO was stocking the red labels. Also, thanks for the coupon too. Ordered myself a zippered one.
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