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For sale is a big lot of ties... Zegna: $35 each (3.5" width) Robert Talbott: $25 each (3.75" width) Brooks Brothers Makers (normal): $15 each Brooks Brothers Makers (Woven in England): $20 each Brooks Brothers Makers (Printed in Italy): $25 each Tino Cosina: $15 (3.5" width) Andrews: $10 (3.75" width) Gant: $5 (3.5" width) Trafalgar: $15 (3 3/8th" width) Most Brooks are 3.75" width. Pictures:
A small price to pay to learn a lesson and some history!
Quiet day today. Struck out almost completely on clothing. Found a pair of AE Maxfield but passed..Most things available.Z Zegna City sportcoat. Only bought it because it was my size. [[SPOILER]] Found a ton of ties though.Robert Talbott Best of Class [[SPOILER]] Zegna [[SPOILER]] Tino Cosina and Andrew's [[SPOILER]] Brook's Brothers Makers (tagged Woven in England) [[SPOILER]] Brook's Brothers Makers (tagged Printed in Italy) [[SPOILER]] Brook's Brothers Makers [[SPOILER]]
Feels bad when quickly shuffling through dress shirts and get excited when seeing a red label, thinking Isaia. Its Alfani.
Found an Oxxford jacket yesterday. Tried to find the pants but no luck. Tagged 44L, available. [[SPOILER]]
It's so beautiful...
Just found my first Zegna... My size, but orphaned pinstripe jacket with moth holes. Alas.
That Banana Republic tie above reminded me.. I found some J.Crew ties that had a Made in Italy tag on them. Any ideas who makes them?
More pics..
Have two things for sale.. Barneys Private Label jacket. Tagged 42R, with a label that resembles Piattelli. In good condition minus the left inside arm hole is blown out. Front pockets still basted shut. Asking $25 shipped Measurements: Chest: 21.5" Waist: 19.5 Length : 31.5 Sleeve: 25.5 Shoulder: 19.5 Harris Tweed for Orvis jacket. No size tag. There is a stain / gunk on the backside of the left cuff, but otherwise in good condition. Asking $35...
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