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Where can I get the mini ripple sole for resoling?
they were 200$ at pop up flea, retail is like 260 they saidI ended up pre-ordering the white mid tops.
Looking for proxy of transit fishtail in xs
not sure yet. just want a regular sole I think. if I do the christy look again, it will need to be lighter than the traditional vibram ones, they're so heavy.yeah, instore.
Cheaper think the price was $160 out the door. But these were the last pair and they were having their sample sale at the time. One of the best deals I got in a while
My vibergxfreeman after a year. The vibrant sole wore down pretty early, need to get these replaced asap. As you can see the suede is totally hard wearing, meaning even without dubbing these are really easy to upkeep and weather proof. I've walked in giant puddles with these, been through snow no problems.
waxed 2030 but no cap toe.
I also think the waterproofing part isn't like night and day...suede is pretty durable as a leather from the get go, have walked through puddles with mine. Don't get me wrong they look good and they're your boots so you can do whatever you please, but between the rough out nap and the underside leather, they're certainly not going to be soaking through without the dressing.
Five story off site sale. Ten C deck jackets for 60% off, Mac coat, hoods were 80% off and liners were 60% off I think. Wings and horns sneakers white were like $75 only size 45 and 46. A bunch of Orange hoodies for $40. Bunch of random Visvim stuff in L and XL. A few random white mountaineering and nbhd stuff.
Still think the original was way better
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