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Always try and stop by when I'm in the area.
Size 15? Wtf?
Put in an order for a small wallet!
On a self imposed jeans ban Sold a lot on eBay last year when I moved only have 45rpm jomon Kapital zipang Schaffers garment hotel Apc new standards I do need a pair of black jeans and when I saw Karl from rogue territory I was tempted but I don't wear too much these days either unfortunately
The viberg game is like the supreme foamposite resale values
Didn't know they made regular looking boots. Look good
Best denim store in LA for most of your needs. Easiest repairs and Robert stands by his products.
It's all Korean BBQ so none of those are fancy
Parks, Tahoe or road to Seoul for BBQ. Maybe toe bang?
Fwiw I went down a full 1.5 sizes down from my sneaker size and .5 down on my vibergs
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