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Quote: Originally Posted by utjtl21 How about classic fit L? Nah at 6'3" and only 160 lbs the slimmer the better But eecc does that mean you may have some in the future?
^ /signed. I'd definitely pick up at least a hoodie in a large slim fit if you did.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas I fail to see how this relates and I don't detect any hints of sarcasm. It would make more sense to ridicule the designer, they control the direction of not only the clothing, but the show also. As for the OP, it is not that only one style is well received, it is that a few basic points ought to be satisfied in an outfit. I guess the look you were going for is that you don't much care about your overall...
Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan The slip ons and dress shoes are now back at 50% Thanks for the notice, I've had a tab open since yesterday watching for em though . Got a pair of the slip ons, too bad CP doesn't allow for codes or it would have been an (even more) obscenely good deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce yes it is store in real life but also online but trapped in a blog not like normal store with carts and men paid to ware shirts for photos. click rectangle with Farinelli and you will go there--virtually. contact head man via email or telephone for purchasing of goods. Win. Back on topic though, I've always personally liked waiting until just after the holidays to bargain hunt - the selection's...
Quote: Originally Posted by junebugmm Not to be the bearer of bad news, but believe it or not, those CP suede desert boots in grey were at a 50% sale even before today. I remember it being sold out, but last Thursday (if I remember correctly) it mysteriously came back on the website and I assumed someone must have returned them. And they were at 50% off 4-5 hours ago as well. Revolve does this sometimes. There were a shipload of CPs on 50%...
So it looks like the CP suede desert boot in black went on sale and then sold out, what do you think the chances are that the pair in grey will drop in price soon as well? Or do I just need to jump on another pair of something else while stock remains?
Your Spiewalk link isn't working for me
I got mine for 240 off FS, I guess I kind of assumed they were for whatever reason but what would be the best way to tell? Probably something I should have researched a little more before I bought but you're right - I love the fit and I'm already seeing the outline of some wallet fade so I'm pretty happy either way.
Wmmk - I'm not as well acquainted with the various brands of selvedge as most on this forum, but I've heard a lot of debate about whether Dior 19cms are closer to APC New Standards or New Cures for fit, suggesting that they're probably something of a middle ground. I recently purchased a pair of the 19cm MIJ and at least on my frame (6' 3" 150 lbs) they seem to be in between those 511s and NCs in terms of tightness and overall fit. Of course the Diors are closer to 300...
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