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^ Seriously. That's an awesome deal for anyone with that sizing though, jump on it people
I think that you can only classify someone as emo if they are obviously making a conscious effort to earn that label for themselves already. It's this attitude that makes people want to punch them in my experience. And if you're wondering what The Wire is, get someone to buy you the first season for the holidays or something, you won't be sorry.
I have a large, brown, slimfit tiger fleece I'm looking to sell for $90 shipped CONUS. I'd also trade for an XL slimfit or possibly a large classic (would depend on measurements). The hoodie is in "as new" condition and shows no real signs of wear and was only tried on the once by me. I just received it from another member today and I love the material and its appearance but it's a little short in terms of length. I'd definitely consider a trade for another lightly used...
Only my friends who I talk about my denim with really comment on them, but it's always in affirmation of the fact that that they're pretty nice. I definitely get lots of looks at my suburban high school though. I'm not sure how many are envious or otherwise but I take their bewildered glances as confirmation I'm doing something right either way. Funnily enough the one time a female friend (who is all about the TR, 7 image) commented on my jeans and I responded that they...
Yeah Deb can definitely be painful to watch sometimes. She's alright when she is just playing the "annoying little sister", but whenever she's called on for a more serious role in an episode it makes me cringe a little. Back on topic though, I think that Dexter kind of epitomizes the importance of fit in looking good - he has a pretty definitve style most of the time, even if the pieces are BR or whatever. Sure they're probably tailored for him but the point remains that...
1) The guys who walk into the free-weights room at one end of the gym, remain there for maybe five minutes and then continue to spend the next 55 minutes of their workout walking to and from the water fountain at the other end of the gym, staring everyone down and looking hard all the while. 2) The two middle-aged guys, maybe in their late 30s, both still with the beer belly of an atypical frat d00d (and obligingly rocking matching bandannas) who begin their workout by...
It was also forever 21 that got a lawsuit filed against them by Gwen Stefani's lawyers for blatant rip-offs of one of her lines iirc. Edit: Yep, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19815731
Great seller great pieces bump it up.
^ Yeah codes work on sale items at revolve but some brands don't allow promo codes of any type (ie common projects).
I might be interested in a scarf too depending on the price.
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