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I received some CP leather slip ons in white for the holidays but they unfortunately drown me. I wore them for all of 2 minutes and put them right back in the box, so they are virtually brand new. I can post pics if needed but I'm just checking to see if someone might want to save me the hassle of returning or exchanging them and get a great pair of shoes out of it. Here's a link from revolve: http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...n+Projects&d=h. 225 shipped seems...
Would you mind posting a fit pic? Did a bit of looking but can't find the perforated leather in WAYWT and can't decide if I could wear it day-in or not. Thanks. EDIT: Pics on the CPs is what I meant.
Not sure he seemed iffy over PM, he says he has references but couldn't name anyone. Also told me 280 was the lowest he could go when this post is obviously contradictory. I'd be skeptical personally unless someone can vouch.
Preferably midtops but if the shoe and price are right I'm pretty open.
Small for him, maybe he has bigger feet than me? I'm probably deluding myself I know but one can hope .
Sorry forgot to list that I've already traded this piece away, thanks for the interest though. For reference L classic is supposedly pretty similar to the XL slim, I'm sure there's some difference in measurements between the two but I'm not sure on the details there.
I'm a size 10/10.5, I know these convert to about a 9.5 but how do these actually run? May be interested.
Also, check out this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...g+in+raw+denim. Lots of good info on all the basics.
^ That's because you have not only style and sophistication, but also class.
I'm in a similar boat Wmmk. The conclusion I've started to come to is to just stick to the basics like you're saying, but be able to accent them in a different way every time you re-wear them. So instead of just wearing a tee and the same jeans day after day, throw on a different jacket and maybe switch up your shoes to a pair you don't normally wear to bring more variety into your wardrobe. The point being to make a different piece you're wearing stand out more than the...
New Posts  All Forums: