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^ especially the fatties..good practice and they won't (usually) be bitches if you pretend take an interest in them
^ There have been a couple threads about F21 and it seemed like the consensus was that most of their stuff is pretty shit quality and/or fit but that a few exceptions could exist. For jeans I personally wouldn't waste the money experimenting when I could spend it toward a pair that I know will be of better quality, fit, construction, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman My MIJ Dior Indigo 19cms. I wear them everywear school, work, going out, what ever I do I wear them. I'm with him. Mine have stretched more than I would have liked for only 2 months of wear but they still feel like they were made for me. Saggy enough to be kick-back but slim enough to give me a good silhouette. Plus from what I've gathered the taller and lankier you are the better fit you'll get with these,...
Or you could read the "Official APC Thread" and the many other threads that already answer your questions. Would probably save everyone some time.
Never really experimented with gin, and while I prefer rum to vodka generally, I'd still go with vodka. It's always on hand, easy to mix, and goes a long way if you can pace yourself
I'm having a hard time finding some 43s (pref white achilles low) for less than retail, if anyone has some they want to get rid of shoot me a pm.
People will debate the above all day, but from my experience you can't really say that any of those cuts are direct copies of another given cut. The 19cm are like the NC in that they're relatively slim, but the 17.5cm are probably even more like NCs since both are the slimmest each designer makes (APC petits aside). Also, the 19cm is all about how the taper and top block work together which is something that the New Standard emphasizes more than the New Cure, which is more...
*cue awkward silence*
Pretty sure this is the thread you want
OP you look like an average frat-kid, read up on here for a while and adjust your wardrobe with what fits your budget, environment, and comfort level if you're trying to be a little more unique. Once you do, post in WAYWT and see where you fall, but there's no need to start new threads for every little thing, most of the info is already there if you'll look for it.
New Posts  All Forums: