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All I know is the kara chick called the ed hardy girl a bitch..good enough for me
Zappos, period. Link on the banner at bottom. I get stuff next-day with free shipping and free returns. You'll have to dig though their stock is huge
Left front pocket: original chapstick Right front: Blackberry Back right: wallet Back left/keyring: keys. Usually only the phone leaves my jeans which makes it easy when I'm scrambling to get to class or whatever.
Most notably Hitler and Mary Jane (April 20th).
my pair of CPs from revolve felt like they ran bigger than tagged for sure
L classic fit hoodie's pics still aren't working for me
^ A lot of people say you should size down an extra size on APCs from your Dior size to achieve a similar fit since APCs stretch a ton. So in this case if you sized down two on the APC, you'd still end up with a looser fit eventually since they'll stretch more.
^ especially the fatties..good practice and they won't (usually) be bitches if you pretend take an interest in them
^ There have been a couple threads about F21 and it seemed like the consensus was that most of their stuff is pretty shit quality and/or fit but that a few exceptions could exist. For jeans I personally wouldn't waste the money experimenting when I could spend it toward a pair that I know will be of better quality, fit, construction, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman My MIJ Dior Indigo 19cms. I wear them everywear school, work, going out, what ever I do I wear them. I'm with him. Mine have stretched more than I would have liked for only 2 months of wear but they still feel like they were made for me. Saggy enough to be kick-back but slim enough to give me a good silhouette. Plus from what I've gathered the taller and lankier you are the better fit you'll get with these,...
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