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I'd pay for a proxy too if someone in the area is willing - I live in the west if that means anything in terms of shipping. shoot me a PM!
Don't really care how much they've been worn as long as they haven't been allowed to shrink much at all. Crews or Vs. Will buy several if you have them. Thanks.
I plan on beating my cp's to shit personally
OP..I think you're taking yourself way too seriously in this thread and more than likely in your daily life as well. If you're ok with that then whatever but you should realize it's not going to help your case, again on neither an internet forum or in real life.
My friend works as a host at a popular restaurant and says it's one of their busiest days of the year. it's invariably going to be kind of hectic and all that so if that's not what you're shooting for I'd avoid it.
not that this thread is really about this but I have to agree that my achilles lows are the best looking shoe with jeans I've seen. *what I've seen of this season* doesn't look amazing but that doesn't mean I'm going to write off the label forever or anything
^ Yeah that's exactly what I was afraid of..hate that shit. thanks for the info though
Looking for a nice pair of sunglasses for spring/summer, I like the style of the Geller ones but if you have some in the same vein you'd like to get rid of I'm fairly open depending on price etc. Thanks!
You have PM
I like the look of these a lot too but I'm wondering if their sizing runs like a W+H slimfit and is relatively short in the body (L slimfit is too short on me) or if it's more standard length while maintaining a slim silhouette? It seems like slim can mean a couple things depending on the brand.
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