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got my stuff yesterday, good seller.
same wish these were M
My parents didn't see a dentist for like 6 years while in college because they were so broke, but even that long ago their sonicares were good enough to make it so they didn't have a single problem when they could afford the dentist again. true story.
Resurrecting this thread instead of starting a new one: My face is really very clear, but I literally always have at least one pimple going on. Not only is it just one or two most of the time, they're always just in the same spots - directly under my nostril where my face transitions to my nose, around the edges of where my upper-lip hair grows, or along my sideburns where I also have facial hair more present, even if it isn't visible. So it seems like it's basically...
Is there any way around the tenting and awkwardness that almost every tee has on me? My shoulders and just overall build (6'3", 150 lbs dripping wet, pretty broad shoulders) make sizing a pain with pretty much every brand I've tried including AA
^ Haha wish you would have given me a heads up or something would have saved us all some time and possibly sleep.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini ^^^ What I meant was that your pov wasn't new or original but that it had been expressed by others repeatedly. The whole idea was we had gone over this before, every single possible conceivable angle. Understood sorry if that came off dick-ish. I understand what you're saying I just saw this as a chance for me personally to chime in for once so I took it.
^ Sarcasm? You're again kind of proving my point. I don't come here to have people determine what my opinions are worth based on what my clothes look like on me. I come here to see what others are into and see what works for me and what doesn't. Part of that is trying to not just lurk but also share my opinions when I think they might be of value to someone. That's all any of my posts so far in this thread have tried to be and yet you still show the same mentality that...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini See? This is what I was talking about in my previous post. You could say I mentioned circle jerk in a roundabout way but other than that I think you're not only false in your statement but are more proving my point than your own. The OP asked what people who read this forum think of WAYWT. I read this forum and that's honestly what I think. Not trying to start shit but the us vs. them mentality that you seem...
When I look at it I see a few of the same names getting the same praise thrown at them for similar looks. A few looks differ from the former enough to take note of, but none enough to draw the criticism that invariably follows. Shit that is pretty objectively "bad" gets dog piled for obvious reasons but can get pretty harsh and definitely scares a lot of people away. That sounds pretty negative but I think it's all pretty warranted. It's a great resource to a point but...
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