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Pics up and PMs responded to
I've got a pair of Skull 5010xxs BK, sz28, 6X6, worn lightly for a few months but with no serious creasing (combs are visible but only because these were worn tightly, they'll easily iron or straighten themselves out) and no real fading at all. Just bought these off another user and I'm really happy with the quality and fit but they're just a size too small. Looking for 135 USD shipped to North America only. Pics will follow shortly but you all know these jeans and this...
Thought I'd post this here rather than start a new thread, any replies would be appreciated. For my graduation from high school in a couple weeks I've started to get a nicer outfit together consisting of (so far) a slim, 2" silk knit tie, a very slim white button up shirt similar to a BoO in terms of fit, and a pair of slim, solid, grey/charcoal pants. My question is this: is it ok to wear some dark boat shoes like a pair of sperries or quoddies? The occasion would only...
Back right > back left. Also, sold pending payment.
Price drop to 160 USD, shoot me a PM!
Got my stuff a little while back, loving the uniqlo fit
Because once I start seeing results I get a feeling of accomplishment I don't often get. I don't go to get ripped or anything but seeing your body get shaped up and just feeling better about myself on a daily basis is enough.
got my stuff yesterday, good seller.
same wish these were M
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