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Quote: Originally Posted by Smells Like Poor Are J. Crew's jackets true to size? In my experience yes. They probably air more on the side of larger than smaller for reference though.
I agree it's all about your body type and personal preference; for a tall skinny guy baggy jeans will just never look good unless you like your jeans to billow around as you walk (something that looks ridiculous imo). But if you're a thicker, shorter person then yeah maybe following these kinds of trends or whatever works for you. Either way though don't let those trends dictate your personal style - doing your own thing is what it's all about, whether that means doing...
Do the Good Society's fit smaller than listed in the waist? I can do a 33 but not a 34, they're sick though so let me know if they run small.
Does anyone know what brand the shoes in this pic are or where to get some similar to them?
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