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I'm hoping to make an order early next week, thanks for the service!
Wish I wasn't a brokeass, if these are still up in a week or two when I have cash I'll buy for sure though. Edit: the jeans I mean.
So a question I've wondered about that this didn't cover; does sleeping in your jeans actually produce extra fading or just add an extra odor to the mix?
Quote: Originally Posted by Deluks917 Get KMW 1980, fit is more important then denim quality and these fit just about everybody amazingly. I have also heard good things about the fit of Somet denim. imo don't buy Japanese Repro unless you know what your doing as much of it fits horribly. I see your point but I've been looking at as many pics of jeans being worn as I can and I keep coming back to the S0500XXs I linked a couple posts up...
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Heh, I'd say the trip to Japan itself would be worth it, and the Samurais would be icing on the cake... but whatever works. You're probably right but I can barely afford a nice pair of jeans so Japan would be tough to manage at the moment
Awesome, thanks man! I was more joking than anything about the trip to Japan but some people I go to school with were organizing a group thing so I was just evaluating whether my Samurais were worth it haha
I stole a ton last year - only from walmart, circuit city, TJ Maxx, etc. - but then I happened to be with a friend at Sears when he stole a 60 dollar game and got caught. That kind of changed things for me as I was going to boost something at the time too but decided not to and I like to think I have a future. Anyway I could understand the guilt thing if it was a mom and pop place that it actually hurt but I still don't feel bad for all the stuff I took from those...
Yeah RVCA is definitely one of my favorite brands, it's not too similar to most of the stuff on SF but I'd definitely recommend it nonetheless. But back to my original query I think I've decided on the Samurai 0500XXs, I'm just trying to figure out where the hell to get them now - I'm beginning to think I might have to book a trip to Japan, anyone know of an online retailer that carries them?
PM me or email me at beenjamin_young@yahoo.com, thanks! EDIT: Measurements - 30-32W, 34-36L.
I wouldn't wear them myself but just because it's not my style - if they do appeal do your style though go for it.
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