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^ - Is this on FS or something? Or am I just misinterpreting your post?
Shipped Monday, received today, +1 for the great service.
^^ Quote: Originally Posted by pr3z Yeah, Asos is where those pictures come from
And I know someone said this earlier but in case anyone missed it don't forget to google for a ......... rep code before you buy - you'll get 20% off your entire order.
Thanks for the quick replies, PM sent.
And is a decent amount of shrinking expected? I'm a skinny 33" waist even though I always get 31/32s it seems.
Inseam and actual waist?
Also on the blue cashmere sweater, how slim does it fit and what does it measure length-wise?
I'm hoping to make an order early next week, thanks for the service!
Wish I wasn't a brokeass, if these are still up in a week or two when I have cash I'll buy for sure though. Edit: the jeans I mean.
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