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good shit in this thread
Quote: Originally Posted by n1cx no word when it'll be back up? Quote: Originally Posted by jet hopefully up soon so kunk's 17 yo doodoo buddies can migrate back over there Quote: Originally Posted by Kodiak Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Nice graph Kodiak, but are you implying that you are now cool or on the accepted side or something? Because you're...
thanks for the reply, anyone know an easy way to die a white lace grey?
Just wondering if anyone has a good source for replacement shoelaces for Common Projects? My achilles lows' have snapped and been retied a good four times on each shoe. Thanks!
Could I get the length measurement on the W+H l/s please
I think a lot of people still wear collared shirts are like that, even on SF. if you like your shirts like that then that's even more reason to stick with it I'd say. nothing really forbids wearing a piece of clothing one way or another
..but what if i love sour apple?
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey To answer your question to me: I think the chart illustrates a trend that to me is interesting. Specifically, that not only has the overall income tax burden grown over time as has the federal budget as a share of GDP (both not in the chart), but also that the individual citizen's responsibility for paying for his government has shifted such that an ever larger percentage of people don't have an immediate concern about...
Hey could I just ask what the material is on that RO jacket? Is it just a wool blend or what? Also a 23.6 inch length seems kind of short for a m/l, is that measurement just due to the longer collar on it?
Does this run slimmer at all or is it pretty boxy in that way nylon can get sometimes?
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