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These are a great pair of jeans that I've been trying to fit into off and on for about four months now. Consult the pics provided to see where they are fade-wise, but rest assured that I've not nearly tapped their potential all this time. You should know that I did get the waist trimmed down a bit and also took in the width of the hem by about an inch. I've got measurements but these basically fit a little less like a pair of NS and more like the New Cure/19cm models from...
Title says it all, used is cool but for 125 I'm looking for not more than a few days worth of solid wear, please. Please PM me and I'll get right back to you! Thanks.
These are almost-new, just bought from another user here and they unfortunately turned out to be too big, so I'm looking for a pair of 27s or 28s in similar condition. I've got an album on photobucket here. Took these pictures this morning and they're way overexposed so the jeans are showing off every little nick in terms of color and especially the picture of the hems - these looked totally new to me and smelled like it too when I got them. Only significant creasing is...
any reason to think some APC new cures wouldn't look good as cut offs for the warmer months ahead? I have skinny legs
would like to cop a lot of this stuff if I had the money
shorts look pretty nice, have any fit pics by chance?
good shit in this thread
Quote: Originally Posted by n1cx no word when it'll be back up? Quote: Originally Posted by jet hopefully up soon so kunk's 17 yo doodoo buddies can migrate back over there Quote: Originally Posted by Kodiak Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Nice graph Kodiak, but are you implying that you are now cool or on the accepted side or something? Because you're...
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