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Something like these? http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-1940-USS...item35a5aee91e http://cgi.ebay.com/ELGIN-GENERAL-PE...item4a9d03c201 http://cgi.ebay.com/Glashutte-System...item4a9d122879 Ukraine? Some of those look pretty hacked...like frankenstein watches.
Does anyone know of a watch that emulates this vintage submarine clock? The Stowa Marine Original Matte is close (and the right size and price), but I prefer a black case, and more "ornate" font. Thanks. http://www.westsea.com/tsg3/itemlock...cker/13-11.JPG
runnerswarehouse.com is the best that I have dealt with.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon Maybe the massive engine is why it didn`t go into production. The shape is really nice, but it doesn`t look like there is anything designed into the beauty to handle that much power. Yeah, I think it is the engineering that had to go into the speeds that it would be capable of. VW/Audi lost money on every Veyron produced due to how advanced it had to be. By the time you factor in fluid dynamics at 200...
Quote: Originally Posted by axlpendergast i'm gonna disagree. a 3.14 GPA on a PoliSci degree isn't very likely to land you in top 15 law now, or in the future, even if you scrounge up a 170 on the LSAT. you'll definitely want to get in at least top 15 otherwise you'll face a repeat of what you're going through now. i think your best bet is to grab a second bachelors in bus/fin/accounting seeing as how you got your basic requirements done already. yeah...
Quote: Originally Posted by Beta Im kind of minimalist and am mainly buying based on RWD, 6 gears, price, >4 cylinders, handling, and maintenance cost....so im having a hard time passing the car up. CTS-V. Give it a try. Here's one, but you can get them in the low 20's. http://www.carmax.com/enUS/view-car/...4-c0dbec946dd3
It is like a lot of things in life: you get out what you put in. If you enjoy the brothers, spend alot of time with them, participate in the philanthropies, then you'll enjoy your experience. The same goes for not rushing. If you already have a social life, and meet a great group of friends, and are active within the school/community, then you'll enjoy that, as well. Greek life and non-Greek life aren't mutually exclusive. You really don't have anything to lose by...
Lefty, Have you had any experience with East German working GSDs? Specifically DDR types. I've been looking at these two breeders: http://vombanachk9.homestead.com/about_us.html www.rokanhaus.com
Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic Yes. Mercedes' egdy styling has clearly taken some inspiration from Cadillac. Cadillac called this design theme "Art and Science"' Yup. I understand Cadillac's theme. I purchased my CTS-V because of it: it looked like nothing else on the road. I just thought that there was a sense of irony in M-B's reappropriation, especially with my car in mind. With the V being a car produced with the German...
Speaking of Mercedes in a Cadillac thread, has anyone noticed a similarity in design and profile lines between the new E-Class and the CTS?
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