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I am quite a fan of Yuasa Masaaki. Try Ping Pong for a start. That or Kaiba. Takahata gets the short shrift all too often, as the other cofounder of Ghibli Studio. Only Yesterday is my favourite film of his. A shout out to Shinkai Makoto's Garden of Words, a film about (among other things) shoemaking. A copy of Vass's book makes an appearance inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude Funny thing is a huge percentage of people who start exercising use the "Brad Pitt in Fight Club" example as what they want to achieve, and a justification as to why they shouldn't be doing big lifts. Guess what: If you do 5x5 or any kind of basic compound lift program, that's where you'll get. You're not going to magically puff up into Arnold just because you lift hard and heavy. Lift, diet. Like others have said...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington I think people are confused as to what makes a movie good, or even great. Visually, "The Thin Red Line" is one of the greatest war movies ever made. Conceptually, it's quite a success as well. In terms of content and execution, however, it's a remarkably poor film. The narrative thrust is unclear, the plot is oftentimes confusing and it's a fairly empty exercise overall, despite all the brilliant moments....
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason No, only filthy Chinese/whatever he is. They're like 小强. Hmm I see a Stephen Chow joke.
Police Story. No greater action scenes have been filmed.
You Don't Know Jack The Social Network
Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence
Planche for pecs and delts, front lever for lats. Try to work up a few one arm chins while you're training for the previous 2 skills. The planche would be substantially harder than the front lever though. More advanced gymnastics skills like the manna would require supreme level of flexibility though.
Fit looks good. I don't see anything wrong with the shoulders, but perhaps that's due to the quality of the images. There's no need to nip the waist, unless you are going for the 'slim-fit-runway-model' look. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Bodice seems a little large altogether, so if I were you I would take it all in from chest to skirt while keeping the current proportions.
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII You don't need arch cushioning if you have a very high arch. The arch will support itself...that's the nature of a high arch...and will not touch the ground. If you have some condition where you need arch support...such as fallen arches or severe can be built into the insole and the shoe. The photo of the way Anthony Delos cuts his insoles...sometimes(?) indicative of how this would be approached....
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