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try this spread... (the descriptions are per my tastes, but should be somewhat applicable.). chivas 18 year (blended, mild, not smokey) glenmorangie 18 year (single malt, rich, light-smokey) ardbeg 10 (single malt, mild, medium-smokey) lagavulin 16 year (single malt, medium, medium-smokey) highland park 18 year (single malt, rich, smokey) see how it goes. if you can go all the way through the list and enjoy all of them, you can drink just about any. i love the...
where to sell a $500 watch? i absolutely hate it. some minor wear, though (gift from an ex).
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire The rule of Weed Club is, you don't talk about Weed Club. Someone broke a cardinal rule.
That actually sounds horrendous. Who wants Chinese food with an Italian kick?
Dutch Masters. Grape for low-range and Vanilla for 1st class.
7-11 is only good for chasers, cigarettes, and Dutch Masters.
The tags on this thread are amazing. Don't sleep on reading them.
Musee d'Orsay. Period.
Quote: Originally Posted by King Francis Jesus, that sucks. And yet Amy Winehouse is still hanging on by a thread. hahahahahhaha Injustice, don't you think?
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I thought this was really good. I was hooked from the get-go and thought it was well done, without being an Xfiles ripoff Abrams said in EW that the first episode, in his opinion, was the weakest and that it gets much better as the season progresses The main chick is really hot, she doesnt look so good in the print ads but she's quite a stunner on tv I co-sign with everything you said. 1. Fringe is...
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