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nahneun was referring to when the listed waist size was 32".
+1 for a good seller.
You're beautiful just the way you are.
The jacket is bunching up in a very odd way. Also, both buttons buttoned? Try one and hands naturally at your sides. Either way, that should be fun given your groom is wearing chucks..
Measurements? What are your stats like and how does it fit on you?
At 5'7", it's not the height that'll get you in trouble with most jackets as you're actually on the higher end of the jackets labeled "short". With that said, I imagine it's your slimness that makes it hard to find a good fit? What's your build/chest size?
seems a bit on the small side. note the pulling on the buttons
Chest measurements?
Are you looking for work shirts or more casual shirts? I'd suggest you just go mtm if for work and BOO for casual shirts.
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