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Starwood is good because it converts to other points at a good rate.
Great deal on the Amazon gray one! I just picked one up. It'll tide me over until I find a good deal on a beeswax one.
Depends on your OTR options. If you can find a 36L you can slim down somewhere it might be a better choice if you're just starting off. Otherwise, I'm definitely a fan of MTM for nonstandard body types.
I can't remember the name but there is a boutique men's shop in Shadyside that has some decent stuff. As for food, my choices are: Breakfast at Pamelas, lunch at Primanti Bros, Dinner at Isabela on Grandview (It's in Mt Washington so you can ride the incline and take pictures before dinner).
What's the point of dropping $$$$$ on KC if nobody is allowed to know it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Is this in Wheaton?? I know they have a Super Chicken, but its called Super Chicken and not Super Pollo. I like Pollo Rico, you only give you two sides, but damn the Chicken is head and shoulders above just about anyone else. I'm talking about the Super Pollo in Arlington, though they have all the same names. I like the chicken there but not a huge fan of the sides there. The Super Chicken in Falls Church...
Are both buttons are buttoned or is there a third button? Hard to tell with low quality pic.
Roasting a good chicken at home like that is probably much more effort than it's worth. I'm a fan of that green sauce more. Get some plantains and yuca and we're set. Personal Favorite: Super Pollo
It all depends on what you mean by low. With that said, how's the previous work experience (internships) and "leadership experience"?
I'd wear the first pair on St. Patricks day, and then quickly tree them for St. Patty's day the next year.
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