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I'm going to go against the grain here and say buy the car if it really is your dream car. From what I read, it seems like your family is decently well off and keen on supporting some of your needs. Combine that with your own adequate salary and I'm sure you can still live comfortably. I don't even know how I could take three vacations a year anyway. Think about your value function of enjoyment. Value from driving your dream car nearly every day vs value from your...
Advice from a peasant: At your price range I doubt you would want to spend a significant amount of your budget on framing. Perhaps try Michaels once you find a piece you like, they pretty much have a revolving door of 40-50% off coupon for framing needs.
Starwood is good because it converts to other points at a good rate.
RIP Zeller. I'm glad that he was a positive impact on society even with all the abuse. I can imagine how that kind of trauma could lead him to a life of inflicting pain on others, though perhaps that is a function of me watching too much Law and Order: SVU.
It's been a rumor for a while, even if not confirmed until now. I'm wondering how much of that news is already priced in.
Great deal on the Amazon gray one! I just picked one up. It'll tide me over until I find a good deal on a beeswax one.
Depends on your OTR options. If you can find a 36L you can slim down somewhere it might be a better choice if you're just starting off. Otherwise, I'm definitely a fan of MTM for nonstandard body types.
As someone who lives in DC, I'm really appalled by everybody that is just standing around. I can understand why someone (the victim or the witnesses) would hold back from fighting back physically but I really wonder why nobody at least got a station manager or something... Thinking about what I would do if I were in his shoes, I'd probably just try to run and dodge those kids. If they got too persistent and did not stop their vicious attack, I'd probably be willing to at...
I can't remember the name but there is a boutique men's shop in Shadyside that has some decent stuff. As for food, my choices are: Breakfast at Pamelas, lunch at Primanti Bros, Dinner at Isabela on Grandview (It's in Mt Washington so you can ride the incline and take pictures before dinner).
What's the point of dropping $$$$$ on KC if nobody is allowed to know it?
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