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Studiofan, I went to CMU. If you want to do IB, I would suggest you not go to CMU. It's just not a target school for BB banks. Sure there are some that get in, but if you can, go to a target school like kungapa's list. You would improve your chances greatly.
Everyone says preowned (I'm assuming vintage) omega, but not sure if that's a good idea on a college budget. I don't think you would want to drop almost the cost of the watch on the inevitable maintenance, whether it's right when you get it or soon after. I'm actually a huge fan of them, but wanted to warn you that there are maintenance costs to consider.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one If ever a Taco Bell Japan kabushikikaisha were to have ever existed, Murakami would've probably situated one of his stories there. It's funny how right you are. Immediately I started questioning myself whether or not the bakery attack short story was based in a Taco Bell. They were hungering for some chalupas no doubt.
Personally I think you're looking a bit too much into this. Email or call them to let them know you're interested and get that early slot of possible. Spend your energy on preparing for the interview, not how you will respond to the interview invite.
So many DC poasterz in one thread.
Perhaps you might consider shopping without an apron and nametag on next time.
DC Suggestion: The Gibson - probably exactly what you're looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Six pieces of real estate. Good rates-good market. Did you just target easy to rent metro areas or did you just search out the best values? Combination of both?
I'm going to go against the grain here and say buy the car if it really is your dream car. From what I read, it seems like your family is decently well off and keen on supporting some of your needs. Combine that with your own adequate salary and I'm sure you can still live comfortably. I don't even know how I could take three vacations a year anyway. Think about your value function of enjoyment. Value from driving your dream car nearly every day vs value from your...
Advice from a peasant: At your price range I doubt you would want to spend a significant amount of your budget on framing. Perhaps try Michaels once you find a piece you like, they pretty much have a revolving door of 40-50% off coupon for framing needs.
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