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This is not the one that pays in HKD when you thought SGD is it?
It all sounds good though I have not much idea of what you'd actually be doing. However, I think it'd be hard for anyone to give you good advice unless they knew the market/demand in your area anyway.
Landing one website creation should be more than your $200 a month. If you're working with a CMS and are decent with it, I doubt it would take you more than a week or two. It all depends on what you mean by "experienced with ...". If you truly are experienced with those things, editing the CMS should be easy, especially if you're working from someone else's template.
While the idea of gaining expertise and then going to consulting is one that is logical, it wouldn't make sense unless you really only wanted to consult and work in those industries anyway. Going in younger affords you to be not pigeonholed in a specific market (as you're cheaper) and lets you explore more different markets/roles.
To be honest, I can't say I disagree with you. Though can't blame me for following the rules.
Have we completely shifted talking about undergrad schools and recruiting?
Figure out what real marketable skills are. If you have none, get some. Do some self study or get some certificates. Try to find an internship if you're desperate to get your foot in the door.
I'm looking forward to finally getting my damn W2 that never came. Can you say Obama's $8000 donation to my housing cause? nom nom nom
*scratch that* Had a question about lateral into MBB for federal practice expansion but just realized that Mr.G essentially asked the same a page back.
Do you find standard sizes with a little tailoring or are you <36?
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