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Entrepreneurs Lacking Business Sense + NYC BM Rent Prices = very rough
You probably have but do check out to learn about other finance jobs and figure out how to get the job.
If you learn a bit more application for your quant knowledge, eg operations research and resource modeling, I think you'd have pretty good luck even at non econ consulting firms.
Because selling ill-gotten goods is a big nono.
To me it really sounds like OP just wants to know which one will land him a better future. While it may be true in the past, neither of these degrees today will offer you an automatic entry to the upper middle spot in society you seek. You have to work hard to get into a good program and excel from there. There are paths to success for both fields and you definitely need to work hard at either one to succeed. The trick is to just pursue the one that interests you more...
Seattle housing market is in the dumps right now. If you've got a decent job perhaps you can make a move to actually purchasing one at a good time. Also, I think it depends on the kind of work/companies you're looking for.
Do you like tech?
I'm not sure how you expect to make it into buyside if you can't make i through one year of sellside, unless you're lateraling into some perfect lev finance position or something. Pretty sure you're going to have a really tough time with megafund and maybe mm. With that said, it's definitely far from over for you. Best of luck man.
I've never had an pre-interview/recruiting dinner where a suit and tie to dinner looked out of place in the slightest. This especially applies since OP is talking about large national accounting firm. If it's PWC, I remember they treat recruits pretty nicely. If it's not PWC, I'm sure it'll be a nice place anyway.
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