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It's alright. I'll email him and see where that leads. Thanks for the help!
That's the seller I'm looking at. However, in my size (36S) they only have the ones I mentioned.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo When is your interview? If you have some time check ebay for baroni suits. They are about $250 and they are fully canvassed. I bought one and the quality is great for a beat-around-suit. I checked out ebay for a cheap baroni for the upcoming interview season. All they seem to have is: Black Stripe Black Chalkstripe Steel Grey Olive Solid Black Navy Stripe I'm going to have to assume navy stripe...
though I can't vouch for performance since I don't have one, I'd just like to offer you an incredibly cheap option:
Size: 36S Waist: 30 Looking for something to wear to this upcoming interview season. Looking for ties and suits mostly.
Fit pic of sweater?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cordovan I'm not sure about downtown, but there is a decent one in Squirell Hill I know about. Let me know if it would be of use.... I'd love to get the contact information for the one in Squirrel Hill as I go to CMU. What's pricing like?
Good advice in this thread. Will be useful for interview season.
Moderate drinking for moderate exercise.
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