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Thigh measurement on the 28's? Damn my large thighs...
Interested in the Wrangler Gingham. Going to try out a 34R from H&M to see how that blazer would fit. I'm also 5'7". 140 lbs. Any idea how that trench would fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by James Gatz Bulgogi bento. Spicy beef, kimchi, rice, sesame cellophane noodles, Takuan, and fried mandu. Oishi?
I'm interested. Do you mind posting up a closeup photo of the real watch?
Can anyone suggest a good tailor in Pittsburgh?
It's alright. I'll email him and see where that leads. Thanks for the help!
That's the seller I'm looking at. However, in my size (36S) they only have the ones I mentioned.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo When is your interview? If you have some time check ebay for baroni suits. They are about $250 and they are fully canvassed. I bought one and the quality is great for a beat-around-suit. I checked out ebay for a cheap baroni for the upcoming interview season. All they seem to have is: Black Stripe Black Chalkstripe Steel Grey Olive Solid Black Navy Stripe I'm going to have to assume navy stripe...
though I can't vouch for performance since I don't have one, I'd just like to offer you an incredibly cheap option: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1211587727715
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