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What kind of positions would you be able to lateral into?
Are you a #1 International Business program alum?
My email is justified. Are you not awed by my analytical prowess? I can analyze different hypotheticals and if-then relationships hinging on international investments. You probably wouldn't understand as you did not complete the #1 International Business program in the country! oh yeah plebes, I would ask offer to let you pm me for my employee discount, but you wouldn't be able to afford it anyway.
all day every day
As jefe said, your initial $50k is usually in the form of something that you can't easily turn into $50k or still have a need for it.
I was on a project that required me to be away 95% of the time for 6 months and decided to just rent it out for that time period. I stayed at the girlfriend's place on the weekends. You could probably crash with a friend or stay in a hotel once every 4-6 weeks. That all depends on how much your area rents for of course.
You need a rainy day fund. I'd just choose a high interest checking or savings account. See: or
Don't forget to include your SF postcount. But in all seriousness, I'd probably just write about a couple hobbies/activites that you genuinely enjoy and injecting your flavor of humor into it. I'd probably shy away from the Barney Stinson profile.
If that's all you have in there I'd probably just take out that section all together. What does "proficiency with microsoft office suite" mean? I'd only put something like that if I were an excel guru or knew access really well.
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