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Payment sent!
Paging Japan.
I went to CMU for undergrad and have no knowledge of the USC program. At CMU, I know the Health Care Management/Public Policy studies at Heinz College gets a lot of kudos (consistently pretty well ranked). I think the ability for him to dabble in those as electives would really get him better prepared than most traditional MBAs.
If you have great essays that detail your hopefully awesome leadership/work experience, explain your GPA issue in optional essays, and get a great GMAT, I think you would have a shot. Since you're coming from CF, you're going to be fighting against a lot of guys with better grades and similar, if not better, work experience. Make sure to really get those essays right.
OP is not a new hire as he is looking to move within the same company. In my mind, it would depend on what the situation surrounding the move would be. If OP is being requested by managers on another coast, it would be foolish of them not to fly him out. If OP just does not enjoy his current role and wants to leave for his personal reasons, I can easily see a lot of companies not fund it. Either way it doesn't hurt to ask.
I'm going to offer a dissenting opinion. If you are TRULY AND SURELY set on military/VA for life, I'd probably get it now. In the government world, MBA can be more of a check in the box requirement. For job advancement in the roles that I have in mind for you, they won't care where you got it from, just that you have it. Outside of the public/defense sector, I would be strongly opposed to your proposition. With that all said, if you think there is a chance that aren't...
Depends, what is an operations analyst?
You better have named it LionCorp
Since you have your fit nailed with Chan, just go Chan and perhaps a new pair of shoes. After you ace your interviews and start working again, take your time to build up a nice relationship with your savile row choice.
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