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Note that I have used Quearney in the past. While I was happy with his work and value over Saville Row tailors with my first few orders, I have noticed that the quality of work and customer service from his outfit have degraded to the point that I will no longer use their services. I'm not going to get into too many specifics and hope that those of you currently using his services are having better experiences than I have had. My general guidance (I wish someone else...
It's so nice to see an online retailer ask customers what they want to buy! What I would like to buy from Atsui are: - Masons Pants (European size 44) - Beauty and Youth Pants - Rag and Bones Jeans (RB 11 Cuts in size 29)
Is this still available?
Regarding free return shipping, I would think most customers see this as a pain in the behind even if it is free. While I'm more likely to buy because I can return, I don't take advantage of this. It's a pain to make print out a return label, get to a shipping center, etc. Another suggestion for denimbar would be to offer live chat help. Many of us shop while we are at work and don't want to have co-workers overhear our conversations inquiring about denim sizing. Chat...
Hi Mauro, A couple of suggestions in addition to those that have already been mentioned: 1) Free return shipping. 2) Formal mechanism for requesting brands and sizing Many of us are ready to buy from Denimbar because of a good experience and the competitive pricing. I would buy even more from Denimbar if it had more of the brands and sizes I see on other websites. I would feel more confident purchasing if I knew I could return if something didn't fit or look the...
This is a very helpful forum for those of us that like to buy quality and contemporary sportswear. It also provides a great avenue to get feedback on denim before spending $300+ on something we may or may not like. Posting exact sizing like Context Clothing would go along way to prevent returns. I was wondering if any of the Styleforum affiliates ask for customer inputs before stocking their stores? I believe that many of the Styleforum members like myself have a pretty...
Karen, It would be very helpful on denim to see the following measurements: - Inseam - Width at knee - Width at ankle opening - Rise Check ActiveEndeavors or RevolveClothing for examples. Also, please consider carrying some Rag and Bone. Cam
I really liked the RB 11 jeans that I purchased from Denimbar. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be anymore there or anywhere else on the affiliate list. I've looked at the Nudie Regular Ralfs and like them except for the back pocket stitching. It's just a bit much for me as I like plain jeans. Can anyone suggest alternatives? Thanks!
Does anyone know the difference in fit and sizing between the RB11 and RB14? I have the RB11 in 29/32 and they fit really well. I'm interested in purchasing the RB14, but only size 30/32 is available. I know there are nuances in the way these jeans fit, so they might fit? Does anyone know what the size of the leg opening is? Thanks!
Does anyone know how the Rag and Bone 14a fits? What are the lengths at the knee and hem? I have the RB11 and like them. Where can I get them in a 29/32? Denim Bar only has them in size 30 and up. Thanks in advance!
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