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Would this be made by southwick,default,pd.html Thanks
Anybody have experience on where this is made and/or who it is made by Thanks!
I just bought a summer wool/linen blend dark blue odd jacket with patch pockets. It's going to wrinkle - which is fine. Is it going to appear incongruous to wear this type of coat with stone gabardines or tropical wool grey odd trousers? PS Fresco is out because I can't afford it right now - i really wish i could! These appear to be the end-all-be-all to...
I'm looking at this what do you guys think
RE: Three buttons and thrifting While two buttons look best from most brands - i still love the Neapolitan 3/2 roll - particularly for an odd jacket. The Dark Knight hasn't taken that away from us has it?
Thanks - I had this fear. Appreciate the help
Anybody have any helpful opinions about this? It's intriguing me thanks!!!
I'm sorry i've tried to search - i'd like to find out how to start collecting these. thank you in advance
This jacket is labeled Zegna but its actual tag is different than the tags in this thread. Is it only zegna cloth or is this an older zegna model and tag? thanks!!!
Are HF LTD really 1200?
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