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I have a $50 rancourt giftcard I want to sell for $25 Thanks
Somewhat inspired by this dieworkwear.com/post/66104448254/tobacco-fresco I'm looking for a solid brown spring summer fabric for a three patch odd jacket. I'm buying mtm from propersuit. I had thought some sort of hopsack or wool linen silk blend. Thanks in an advance.
Yes I wish my non oxfords were a touch longer and my oxfords a touch shorter - maybe in the long run the oxfords will continue to shrink (I use a dry cleaning place)
Were these oxford cloth or another fabric?
I'd call and order from the NY store if you're uncertain about sizing for a first order.
Please never stop making the ny slim in its current shape and size. Fits me better than any custom cottonwork shirt (and I've bought ten of those tweaking along the way)
Flat front 44 out seam 17.25 waist laid flat (curtain waist band) 9.5 knee 8.75 at cuff
Worn these twice over the past week - they don't fit me well. They were just hemmed with a 32.5 cuff but I don't believe any fabric was cut. I purchase new on sale and took forever to get them hemmed "Tropical wool trousers Originally $195.00 All wool. Super 100's. Made for us in Brooklyn, NY. Plain front or forward pleat." ACCEPT PAY PAL $5 FLAT SHIPPING TO CONUS http://theandovershop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_5&products_id=38
lighter charcoal or mid grey
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