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Thank you. That's a very reasonable suggestion!
ALDEN STONEMAN CHUKKA IN COLOR 8 CORDOVAN Bought from Unionmade sale - haven't even arrived yet - but I have "the buyers remorse" I'm asking 450 because I had to pay sales tax (not trying to make any money!) SIZE 11 BARRIE LAST
I wonder how many people "bought" the 1 pair of alden shell chukkas in size 11 on unionmade. I ordered - we'll see what happens
I think I just bought these (i'm nervous about the size so we may be seeing them on BUY/SALE soon
I've tried to search and to no avail... Can somebody please help me to know which last is the trickers sierra trading post william chukka on? Thanks in advance
Anybody know who makes Oliver Spencer shoes? Thanks
Used Crockett Jones Clifford 10.5 E UK Size - Generally in trees and conditioned regularly - Nothing wrong with them I just want different shoes! Please let me know if my pricing is too high Buyer pays $7 flat rate UPS Ground shipping
I have a $50 rancourt giftcard I want to sell for $25 Thanks
Somewhat inspired by this I'm looking for a solid brown spring summer fabric for a three patch odd jacket. I'm buying mtm from propersuit. I had thought some sort of hopsack or wool linen silk blend. Thanks in an advance.
Yes I wish my non oxfords were a touch longer and my oxfords a touch shorter - maybe in the long run the oxfords will continue to shrink (I use a dry cleaning place)
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