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Received the new version of the Blue OCBD. 1. Collar seems stiffer (I think it's fused now.) Not necessarily a bad thing for the environment I work in - but not as comfortable - probably wish it was the old collar (ironically this was supposed to have "better roll") 2. The fit doesn't seem to have changed at all. (good news for me) 3. Cuffs are a little stiffer and smaller (good news for me - less dramatic of a move when I resew the button)
At the online shop - It looks like they've: 1 gotten rid of the darts 2 "improved" the collar 3 added a box pleat 4 added a bit of fabric to the chest (1") on the new Buttondown NY Slims. The old one's fit me as well as any OTR shirt I'd ever had so I bought one last one with the old pattern and one new. I'll let you know how it goes.
I am having difficulty determining appropriate summer business casual for circumstances (wealth management client meetings) when chinos/linen trousers seem too casual and smooth worsted wool trousers seem too dressy.Flannel seems to me the ultimate solution for fall winter - but I am at a loss for summer.(I suppose a blue cotton suit would fit the bill it seems less useful for some reason - also lacks drape.)
What about tan/cream wool flannels? Do you believe those are inherently incongruent? (I have no agenda - genuinely curious if you believe the same applies to woolen flannels)
Quick clarification - I apologize I can't find a clear answer: So a MTO costs (with a base price of 260 euros) 260 euros + 100 euros for a total of 360? thanks
Alfred sargent Exclusive monk 10.5UK
Very limited size options on many models at bodileys, pediwear, herring. Lots of models that get discontinued. AFPOS has the better selection but still not the complete range. I just hope that they get things going in such a way that they can keep a base model lineup available. Hopefully they do well through J Crew.
Are there any updates on new inventory for RTW Alfred Sargent? (It seems like all the inventory is dwindling at the AFPOS et al) Is a refresh coming anytime soon? TIA
Anybody know of any photos of fresco 0549 (MIXTURE SAND) made up as a suit (or just trousers) TIA
That's a great idea.
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