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Thanks - i had figured if I only steamed the back I'd be OK? No?
Absolutely perfect for that. I bought it for summer chinos. The front stays crisp. The arms wrinkle in a charming way. Only thing I don't love is the back wrinkling. I am going to get a steamer to try and sort that out between wears. I haven't 100% decided to keep.
TThanks! - had ordered the darker brown linen havana and I really like it. First linen piece so i'll have to get at jiffy travel steamer i think.
It looks like the $70 discount for a jacket without a canvas is no longer an option on the site? can anybody confirm that it's no longer an option? Thanks
Anybody see this linen and silk in real life? Is it actually shiny?
Kent Wang has his new SS 2015 fabrics up. I'm still on the hunt for a solid, interesting spring/summer jacket fabric. He has a bunch of 60% linen 40% silk blend solids. What do you think of that blend? I certainly do not want a "shiny" look. I'm familiar with the adage half linen wrinkles half as much - but I do think that would take the edge of and may make it acceptable as summer business casual dress...
Looks like ss 2015 fabrics are up
yes but with a brown cast - and some linen in there. Thanks!
Anybody have any recommendations for a solid colored version of something like this to be used for a summer jacket? Wool/linen or wool/linen/silk (but I'd like to avoid all linen).
Polo model from Jan 2015 sale
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