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Isaia sport coat / odd jacket / blazer size 52 42R Sorry it's sideways here http://www.ebay.com/itm/Isiai-Dark-Blue-Navy-Micro-Basketweave-Blazer-Sport-Coat-Jacket-52-42-/271691942552
Anybody have a problem using the form on luxire.com to get customer support? I tried a couple of times. thanks UPDATE - I used the e-mail instead of the form and everything is cool now
Would a lighter-than-navy blue suit or a sport coat be even better? What time of year are you wearing a brown suit?I like tan fresco in this case as a summer business suit alternative when the wrinkles of cotton/linen wouldn't work.
Update - washed the new box pleat version of the NY slim - softened up just fine
What was confusing to me is that kamakura say it is done with "non-fusable interlining" - but in any case I'll be anxious to see yours and/or others assessment of the stiffness in any case once more of the new models get out there.
You're missing the point. They changed it recently - they say so themselves."This shirt will have a center box pleat instead of back darts. The chest measurement will be approx. 1” (2 cm) larger than the standard Slim Fit. This shirt also has an improved collar roll."They've kept the old language too so maybe the new, stiffer-to-me collar is really unfused? I can't pull it apart into three layers like I can the old model."The single-needle stitching and beautiful Takase...
The older collar definitely feels different right out of the box. I bought one of the old models and a new model in the same order. The old model does not feel fused and if it is it is softer. Hopefully the new one will soften up. Still a great shirt
Received the new version of the Blue OCBD. 1. Collar seems stiffer (I think it's fused now.) Not necessarily a bad thing for the environment I work in - but not as comfortable - probably wish it was the old collar (ironically this was supposed to have "better roll") 2. The fit doesn't seem to have changed at all. (good news for me) 3. Cuffs are a little stiffer and smaller (good news for me - less dramatic of a move when I resew the button)
At the online shop - It looks like they've: 1 gotten rid of the darts 2 "improved" the collar 3 added a box pleat 4 added a bit of fabric to the chest (1") on the new Buttondown NY Slims. The old one's fit me as well as any OTR shirt I'd ever had so I bought one last one with the old pattern and one new. I'll let you know how it goes.
I am having difficulty determining appropriate summer business casual for circumstances (wealth management client meetings) when chinos/linen trousers seem too casual and smooth worsted wool trousers seem too dressy.Flannel seems to me the ultimate solution for fall winter - but I am at a loss for summer.(I suppose a blue cotton suit would fit the bill it seems less useful for some reason - also lacks drape.)
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