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anyone know where the Jonathan Ames character (played by Jason Schwartzmen) gets all of those sport jackets? those plaids are amazing. Any suggestions where to obtain similar jackets are also welcome.
I've been wanting a leather jacket in this style for quite a while. my only concerns - does the collar look to long/floppy? also i was kind of hoping for epaulets, though it is from black scissors, i suppose i could have them make me one with epaulets, if they wouldnt make the jacket look dorky. thoughts?
anyone know where to get something like this, but for men (obviously)? i really like the style of it, excluding the front pockets, and epaulets would be ideal, though not necessary. something with a more downtown appeal, but not all design-y, so i can still wear the crap out of it all the time. Should i just be going custom? black scissors maybe?
love the show to death, missed a couple years there in college. anyone know a way to watch the old episodes, preferable from the beggining? or at least other seasons?
You HAD to explain the word dapper? do you honestly think that that is interesting conversation? has it occured to you that someone may be intellectual yet not share the EXACT SAME INTERESTS AS YOU? whatever, it seems like you are the type who is only happy when seperating himself from others emotionally. I know this doesnt directly answer your question, but lighten up - you will be happier.
Quote: I got my hands on copies of the performances that were recorded (respectively) 3 months before his death and about 7 days before his death. Never in my life have I heard so much emotion poured into music. What are the titles of these cd sets?
jacket seems way too small around the waist. can you let that out a little? its getting all wrinkly in that area in the back.
Does anyone know of any places to purchase suit/jacket fabrics in NYC? I have a great semi-bespoke tailor who makes great suits, but has a rather limited and dull fabric selection. I guess I'm looking for a place with a good selection, along with standard companies like Scabal, Dormeuil, etc. BESIDES Tip Top in Brooklyn, as I'm told by a few that theres a lot of junk to look through to decent good stuff.
are these the starr model, or the sigaro, or something else?
thanks fo the reply. do you happen to know the model #, last of the C&J's? they rule.
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